Sprawling City of LA (Los Angeles, CA)

I’m always amazed when I go to LA and everything is so spread out – in comparison to the downtown districts that I’m more familiar with (Detroit, Denver, Dallas, etc…) it seems that everything in LA that a person would need financial institutions, commercial districts and places of cultural/historical/sightseeing significance are miles apart from each other. It reminds me a lot of sightseeing in Rome or London where you need to go across the entire city to see two different items of interest. Although both of those European cities have reliable mass transit systems – unlike in LA where it is just a constant traffic jam! No matter what time of day or day of the week the speed on the freeways seems to be at a crawl.

Sprawling City of LA (Los Angeles, CA)

Sprawling City of LA (Los Angeles, CA)

The Mulholland Drive overlook several miles (and a world away) from the downtown Los Angeles area provides the best overlook of what can probably be considered the ‘business district’ although I’ve had plenty of other meetings in areas nowhere near those buildings which are still in ‘Los Angeles’.


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