Perfection at Sprague Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park)

This is perhaps the easiest ‘iconic’ shot in Rocky Mountain National Park. The view from the quick and flat half mile hike from the parking lot to this spot on the shore of Sprague Lake is absolutely perfect. The rocks in the foreground make a nice point of interest and then the obvious star of the show is the Continental Divide in the background which is highlighted by my favorite peak in the park – Hallett Peak (which BTW I hiked to the top of during my last visit. More on that in another post as I’m pressed for time at the moment).

When I woke up in the morning for sunrise I had another spot in mind to take pictures at because I’ve been to this particular lake so many times before…however, when I turned to go towards the park and saw the big puffy cloud over top of the Continental Divide I knew this morning had a chance to be special and I didn’t want to miss it. As the sun came over the horizon to light the peaks the cloud started to glow as well – the water was calm as it usually is in the morning – and I shot what I consider to be the perfect photograph from this location. Big puffy clouds turning pink, nice reflection, colorful peaks and interesting foreground objects with the rocks. I could not have been happier the rest of this day!

Perfection at Sprague Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park)

Sprague Lake Rocky Mountain National Park

We are on the cruise heading up to Juneau tomorrow and are going to be hiking to the Medenhall Glacier – it was my Mom and sister’s birthday yesterday so I should also wish them a happy birthday!! I also missed one of my best friends weddings this past weekend (I feel awful about it – he understood that the timing of this trip was such that I couldn’t miss it and I love his understanding of the situation – Congrats Shaun and Misty!)


7 thoughts on “Perfection at Sprague Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park)

  1. Beautiful capture. I’m afraid during our 5 day stay at Glacier Basin Campground I was a tad lazy and did not make it out of the RV prior to sunrise. We did manage to hike around Sprague Lake a few times and made it to Emerald Lake (of course Bear, Nymph, and Dream on the way) as well as Bierstadt Lake. Thanks for all you posts and photos on Rocky Mtn NP. It helped in my planning and of course your photos are always stunning 🙂

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