Angels over Florence

While in Florence, Italy last year we took a walk to the outer edges of the city and up to a nice overlook of the entire ‘old city’ below it. Historically, Florence was surrounded by walls (as were most major cities in Europe) and thus you had to walk through the ‘old city gates’ and up a fairly steep hill to this overlook to get a nice shot of historical city of Florence. The day was pretty overcast so I tried to minimize the sky in this shot and focused more on the face of the angel with the historical dome of the Duomo in the background.

Angels over Florence (Florence, Italy)

PAngels over Florence Italy

We left Florence later that afternoon or I would have stayed up here to take a nice shot of the city day turned to night – the sky itself may not have shown much color but the lights of the city contrasting with the mountain in the background would have been nice. Ahh well I guess we will have to go back!


10 thoughts on “Angels over Florence

  1. Lovely composition. Hope you get clearer skies next time, and also your wish of watching the changing colours of the city and the sky in the evening.

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