Winds over Death Valley

Death Valley on the California/Nevada border is a really amazing place – the variety in landscape photography shots is pretty spectacular. Obviously, the one thing that is usually missing is water (for reflections) given the lack of rain and often the weather is pretty mundane – hot sun, lack of clouds but I was lucky on my first day in the park. Storms surrounded me most of the day which added interesting elements to some of the shots as the clouds moved quickly overhead.

Winds over Death Valley National Park

Winds over Death Valley National Park

In order to capture the atmosphere and the windy conditions that I was experiencing as the sun lowered itself to the west I put my ten-stop ND filter on the lens in order to allow the shutter to stay open longer. This exposure was a sixty second exposure and the movement in the clouds is noticeable. The wind was dry and hot despite the rain falling over the horizon. It only started raining after the sun set and at that point the storm came hard and fast. By the following morning though you could not even tell that it rained at all.


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