Spring Peak in Banff National Park

We are back from Alaska and I guess back to reality this week and the daily grind that is ‘work’. I shouldn’t complain too much – the last week has been really nice and I do have a few day trip scheduled to Banff/Jasper in just a few short days. Things could be much worse!!

Spring Peak in Banff National Park

Banff National Park

God I love Banff National Park!!! Driving down Highway 1A I came across this little clearing of trees with this mountain peaking out over the top of it. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the mountain – nor the clearing/roadside pulloff (I really need to take better notes!) – but it seems that every time I head out there I find something new and exciting to photograph.


7 thoughts on “Spring Peak in Banff National Park

  1. Hi Justin, A friend told me about your fantastic photography –so I decided to check it out… AWESOMELY FANTASTIC is how to describe it… You have a real gift… I am not following you on WP.
    Betsy from Tennessee

    • Betsy – thank you for the kind words and I’m glad you decided to check it out. I love taking photographs when I travel and I love that people enjoy looking at them.

      Thanks again Betsy!


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