Margerie Glacier (Glacier Bay, Alaska)

The past couple of weeks were spent in Seattle and Alaska with my family. Both trips were perfect and they were the first full family vacation we’ve taken together in quite sometime. I am blessed in that I love spending time with my parents, sisters and their significant others – therefore when we all get together it is an absolute joy. A bonus to this trip is that an aunt and uncle were able to join as well. We were together on the cruise ship for over a week and we created a lot of wonderful memories in that time – going through the pictures makes me so happy that we were all able to make it happen. Life sometimes gets in the way but we all made sacrifices to come together.

One of the highlights of the trip was the day that we spent in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Margerie Glacier was the highlight of the national park. At one-mile wide, 350 feet high (only 250 feet jut out of the water I believe) and 21 miles inland it is one of the largest glaciers in Alaska and certainly one of the most accessible for cruise ship which spend time trolling out here in the summer months listening to the ‘white thunder’ (the sound when a large piece of the glacier falls into the bay below it). We witnessed many instances of ‘white thunder’ while we were there but it is good to know that this glacier is actually stable and come the winter it will regain much of the length/depth that it loses in the warmer summer months. There are also glaciers in the park that are in stages of advance so unlike a place like Glacier National Park in Montana where the glaciers are disappearing because of climate change the glaciers in this national park seem to be in pretty good shape for long-term viewing.

Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay Alaska

The above photo shows the broad look of Margerie Glacier and it is really hard to transcribe the size and shape of the glacier through a photograph because the cruise ship was relatively far away. Therefore, I took several pictures at varying compositions – the one below shows more of the detail – in order to try and capture the magic visually.

Margerie Glacier Glacier Bay Alaska

The next few weeks I’m going to be pretty busy with work and travel (Banff/Jasper, New York City and California) but I’ll be trying to get to some more of these photos for the website. It really was a nice trip and we were fortunate to be blessed with above average weather for this time of year.


9 thoughts on “Margerie Glacier (Glacier Bay, Alaska)

      • I don’t think so unfortunately. I’m pretty sure that Glacier Bay National Park (unless you take a specific trip just there and maybe camp/hike on the glaciers) has no roads. Most of Alaska actually has very little from road traffic so I think most people if they are going from say Juneau to Anchorage fly even though it really doesn’t look that far ‘as the crow flies’ on a map (575 miles) but it would take almost 22 hours to drive there according to Mapquest because you would need to drive so far inland and then come back to the coast. Keitchkan (with population ~14,000 people) is the 4th largest city in the state! That knocked me on my butt when the cabbie told me that – my ‘small town’ growing up was nearly 100,000 people.

      • By they way – I found out that you can hike/camp in Glacier Bay. A buddy of mine and his wife did it several years back. They just don’t let the big cruise ships do it. If you head up there and aren’t on a cruise check it out. He said it was awesome!

    • Thanks much!! I’d be happy to print it out for you so you can! Send me an email if you are interested. My photos are pretty damn cheap in relation to the rest of the artists out there. All I ask is that you spread the word if/when your friends like it when they swing by 🙂

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