Infinity in Belize

The infinity pool at the resort that we stayed at in Belize was where we spent a good chunk of the second half of our trip. The first five days were spent in the jungle – hiking, climbing ruins and chasing iguanas – so heading to the resort and visiting the swim bar was a nice change of pace (until we got the bar bill of course – yikes! Apparently frozen drinks go down EASY when it is 95 degrees out!).

Infinity Pool at Belize Resort

Infinity Pool in Belize

I’m heading off to Banff next weekend and it according to it snowed three inches there last night and they are expected to get a few more inches this week. I am not ready for snow yet so I’m not looking forward to this trip too much. Maybe I’ll get lucky with a little warmer weekend and some epic sunrises over Lake Moraine. I’m playing the travel plans ‘by ear’ as I still haven’t booked a hotel. Originally I was planning on driving to Jasper National Park but that is a few hours further north so I expect the snow will be deeper up north and like I said I’m not quite ready so maybe I’ll just bum around Lake Moraine/Yoho National Park for the majority of the trip.


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