Alaskan Peaks

On the cruise there was a day when we cruised between Glacier Bay National Park and Sitka, Alaska during the afternoon, throughout the night and following morning (arriving in Sitka around 1 PM). On that stretch we experienced a pretty amazing sunset and the scene on what I think was Chicagof Island was spectacular. I have no idea what mountain range this was (unfortunately) but one of the boat’s captains was standing next to me as I photographed the peaks telling me that it was pretty rare that you are able to see them during the afternoon hours. Apparently, they are typically cloud covered (they are partially covered here) and thus cruise boats aren’t able to experience the sight of them because of the time we pass the island.

Alaskan Peaks

Alaskan Peaks

I got my hotels scheduled in Banff…in the future I need to be more diligent because I thought I had booked them but couldn’t find anything in my emails indicating that I did so it must have slipped my mind. I was shut out of Jasper (no room in any hotels) but was able to find some rooms in Banff (maybe the last one) and Lake Louise/Moraine Lake area. I’m disappointed that I won’t get to make it up to Jasper but I’m planning to spend some time exploring Yoho National Park which I’ve heard good things about.


22 thoughts on “Alaskan Peaks

      • I had the pleasure of exploring the National Parks of US last year. We went to pretty much every park in the West. For me Utah and Arizona had some of the most amazing landscapes I had ever seen, and Yellowstone was unparalleled! You guys are so lucky to live in a country with so many natural wonders!

      • It’s been about ten years since I’ve been to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons and I agree the landscapes are majestic! Can’t wait to get back there one day. I haven’t really explored Utah/Arizona (exception of the Grand Canyon/Sedona area) but I’ve heard the same things about the landscapes out that way. Everyone raves about the arches and Monument Valley.

    • The Holland America cruise ship from Seattle through the inside passage will get you there. Alaska is a beautiful part of the country – but much, much greener than I expected. I completely thought I’d have shots of icebergs when I came home but instead I have mainly forests. I got really lucky with this mountain though as it is usually hidden. Mother nature is amazing!!

    • Thanks Ben! It was challenging shooting from a cruise ship. My old ‘standard’ HDR didn’t really work with the movement of the boat and using a tripod was useless. However, it was good to get back to the basics of photography and just take one photo at a time – think about the composition and thank God that mother nature is so amazing!

    • Thanks! I used a Canon Rebel T3i.

      This week/weekend in particular I’ve realized there are too many people out here with too much money invested in camera gear. Just this morning I was talking to a guy taking sunrise shots out at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. This is an iconic location and he was doing everything ‘right’ by being out early in the morning trying to capture the right light with his brand new Canon Mark 5d iii (~$3,600) and L-series wide angle lens (~$1,700) but he was shooting in AUTO MODE. One shot at a time on a rickety tripod that was probably a $50 dollar investment…he was frustrated with the results he was getting with the blown out colors on the mountain at sunrise. I quickly showed him how to bracket shots to get the dynamic range but he went back to trying the ‘creative modes’ with their built in HDR functions. I hope his photos turn out as expected – if not I’ll be checking out his used gear on eBay next year when I’m ready to upgrade.

      • Is that an American model? I’m from the UK and I’m not familiar with that Canon camera 🙂
        Yes I know a few people like that as well, my camera is second hand because I’m at college and can’t afford some of the Canon prices! But you can get stunning images with less pricey cameras if you know how to use them, I’m still learning so I won’t be upgrading for a long time!

        Are you a professional photographer? You have some stunning photos 🙂

      • Thanks again SJ! I’m not a professional – just a self taught amateur. I’d love to be a professional though 🙂 (Maybe – I’m sure if I was making my living at this it wouldn’t be nearly as ‘fun’). It looks like the UK equivalent is the Canon EOS 600D:

        The Rebel line is really quite affordable (compared to the ‘pro’ gear) but what I’ve learned is that you can really make stunning photographs with point-and-shoot cameras, iPhones, etc… It really comes down to how you compose the shot and post-process it (less is more!)

      • Wow well your pictures look pretty professional! I know what you mean, I don’t know whether to pursue an art based course at uni or not because I don’t want to suck the fun out of it! Ah yes, I know which camera you mean, they’re good 🙂 Totally agree, it’s one of those disciplines where talent pays off rather than money 🙂 although I’ve found good, stable tripods do help!

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