Little Matterhorn – Rocky Mountain National Park

The “Little Matterhorn” is a peak in Rocky Mountain National Park that sits on the bank of Odessa Lake. We took a hike from Bear Lake to Fern Lake (taking the shuttle back to Bear Lake) and stopped for lunch at Odessa Lake. Underneath the mini Matterhorn we had lunch before finishing the hike to Fern Lake. One of the things I’ve learned about Rocky Mountain National Park over the years is that they have some of the best maintained trails of any park that I’ve ever hiked in. Sure, the park itself gets a lot of traffic but if you get out early enough on one of the longer trails you can find quite a bit of solitude. It was a beautiful day but even so we maybe encountered 40/50 people over the eight-mile stretch.

Little Matterhorn – Estes Park, Co

Little Matterhorn - Rocky Mountain National Park

Heading out to Banff for the weekend – hope the weather cooperates!


2 thoughts on “Little Matterhorn – Rocky Mountain National Park

    • Thanks Denise – I could see it clearly with my eye while there but as you can imagine the camera didn’t pick it up nearly as well. To get this composition took a lot of trial and error. The worst part was I realized the manual focus on my lens is broken so I also had to improvise getting the auto focus to stop at the right point as it sought a random focal point in the distance that it wasn’t picking up. Luckily I brought plenty of hand warmers with me because it got chilly after an hour or so!

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