Northern Lights Failure (Banff National Park)

I am in Banff National Park for the weekend before a client meeting next week in Calgary and so when I read that the storm on the sun is expected to produce exceptional northern lights viewing I got excited. A quick google search indicated the best place in Banff to see them was Lake Minnewanka I headed out to see if I could spot them. Unfortunately, they never did come out – the pictures from Maine are phenomenal – but I was able to spend some time taking pictures of the night sky (although for the most part I stayed bundled up in the car since temps dipped into the teens Friday night) above the Cascade Mountain Range.

Lake Minnewanka Northern Lights Fail – Banff National Park

Lake Minnewanka Northern Lights Fail Banff National Park

I had to crank the ISO up to 1600 to keep the exposure under 30 seconds (above 30 seconds the movement in the stars was really bad) and I’m pretty happy with the results here for my first real attempt at nighttime photography. I’ve thought about trying to go out and get the Milky Way at times and this just provided greater incentive to do that.


6 thoughts on “Northern Lights Failure (Banff National Park)

  1. Hey Justin! Awesome shot as usual and always fun to see when fellow bloggers make it to the same corner of the planet. I recently made Banff my new hometown and was ready for that colorful shower the other night too but skiped the drive out to Lake Minnewanka when I realized it wouldn’t happen. Next time you’re in Banff you should let me know, maybe we could meet for a coffee at some point 🙂

    • Sorry for the delay – I’ve been buried at work. I wish I would have been able to tell – it was a LONG night for sure. I think I’ll be back out for March/April timeframe and I’ll definitely look you up for coffee. You are lucky to make Banff your hometown now – look forward to meeting you the next time I’m up that way.

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