Sunrise over Two Jack Lake – Banff National Park

After a night spent hunting (and failing) for the Northern Lights in Banff I made the short drive to Two Jack Lake for sunrise. I was short on sleep and so I expected to make it a quick trip for a few pictures before heading back to the hotel to crash. It was a bit overcast and the ‘light show’ on the peak of Mount Rundle was short lived but at least there was a little color on the tips of the mountain for me. The weather would change quickly though as fog started to creep in.

Sunrise over Two Jack Lake – Banff National Park

Sunrise Two Jack Lake Banff National Park

About twenty minutes after I took this shot a huge blanket of fog overran the lake and mountain to the point where the mountain was no longer visible and you could barely see 50 feet in front of you. After a long night and a pretty dramatic weather change in the morning I headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

5 thoughts on “Sunrise over Two Jack Lake – Banff National Park

    • Thanks – Canada is beautiful and I’m very lucky to have the chance to visit.

      This was in the morning at Two Jack Lake. I like the lakes in the morning because typically the wind hasn’t picked up yet so you have an opportunity to catch the reflections.

    • You definitely should – try to take in Yoho National Park as well. The big difference between the two is that you have to get out of your car a bit more to explore Yoho. Banff is pretty accessible from your car. Knowing you though – you will want to do all the hikes/activities and there are so many in the Moraine Lake/Lake Louise area. Let me know if you need any suggestions on things to do.

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