Temple of Saturn (Rome, Italy)

The ruins of the Temple of Saturn are located near the base of Capitoline Hill (number 19 on the linked map) in the Roman Forum in the heart of Rome, Italy. The original temple was thought to be built in 497 BC before being completely rebuilt in 42 BC following the defeat of the Syrian army. Saturn was the god of the harvest and was generally associated with wealth. The festival dedicated to the God – Saturnalia – lasted seven days and was among the most popular in all of Rome. The traditions of that festive week live on today in Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations.

Temple of Saturn – Rome, Italy

Temple of Saturn Roman Forum Rome Italy

I got low here to emphasize the size of the structure while also minimizing the clutter in the background that is generally associated with pictures of the ruins. We were touring the ruins in the mid-afternoon so there was also a slight sunflare coming in from the west side of the ruins which I tried to minimize through the use of a lens hood.

Happy Monday everyone! For the first time in weeks I have no travel planned this week but I will be riding in a 100 km (maybe 100-mile; not sure if I trained hard enough) bike ride Sunday morning so hopefully the weather cooperates over the weekend in the Southwest Michigan area.


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