Lucky Dog – New Orleans

The Lucky Dog is an iconic symbol of the French Quarter as these hot dog shaped carts have lined the streets since the late 1940s. Hot, somewhat delicious and always complimenting the draft beers and mixed drinks being poured all around you. On this night Sponge Bob Square Pants was trying to get his fill before retiring back to the sea. The crowd on Bourbon – as always – was a little rowdy and as I set my tripod up to take the picture I got a lot of weird looks and “comedians” who thought it would be hilarious to do a variety of things in front of the camera (flip it off, drop their drawers, etc….).

Lucky Dog – New Orleans

Lucky Dog Bourbon Street New Orleans

The hotel in the background – where the guys are all standing on the balcony – was one of the hotels we had blocked off for our wedding back in 2011. My family stayed there throughout the week and had an amazing time. The best part was the courtyard they had behind the hotel for the guests only. We spent quite a few nights back there – mixing drinks and walking out on Bourbon Street taking in the craziness. The location simply cannot be beat. It’s a ‘Four Points by Sheridan’ now I think but when we were there it was called the Inn on Bourbon (potentially operated by Hyatt at the time).


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