Mount Stephens (Yoho National Park)

Yoho National Park is near Banff National Park just north of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. As I’ve started to go to Banff more frequently I found the desire to explore other areas that our outside of Banff. Banff on its own is obviously beautiful but there are so many amazing places to visit nearby (Yoho being one of many) that you just can’t do it all in one trip. Believe me if you could I would but you can’t. I don’t think you could ever get bored of this area of the world – so much beauty, so little time.

Mount Stephens and the Kicking Horse River – Yoho National Park


As always, before visiting a new location I got some guidance from other photographers in order to make my best use of a limited amount of time in one area. The guides on Banff National Park, Yoho National Park and the Icefields Parkway have been amazingly helpful in finding interesting photography spots so if you are planning a visit to the area I cannot more highly recommend the guides from world renowned photographer and one of my (many) idols in the field of photography – Darwin Wiggett. You can check them out on his website – at around $10 CAD per book they are an absolute steal! I never would have found this spot without them as it is about a mile down an abandoned road near the Natural Bridge off of Emerald Lake Road in Yoho.

I headed down the road about an hour before sunset – making sure to make plenty of noise as there are sometimes bear and moose in the area which I did not intend on spooking as I came around blind corners. I spent some time exploring the area before ultimately settling in on this area as the sun went down. I picked this spot because there were two rivers coming together – the kicking horse river (on the left of the photo) leads up the image and towards the mountain while the river on the right (I believe that is the Amiskwi River) flows heavily into it. There was a decent current to the water and with darkness creeping in I didn’t have to use a filter to get a nice blur/motion to the water in the foreground.

I also recorded my screen as I went through the steps for post-processing this photo from the ‘original’ version to the version above. As usual I tried to keep the image as ‘real’ as the scene was while I was there two weeks ago. I find it highly important to not ‘overcook’ anything in post processing because unfortunately there are just some really, really bad HDR images out there that give the whole genre a bad rap….to all the ‘purist’ photographers out there – we aren’t all bad and gaudy. Some of us actually enjoy the art of post processing on our PCs just like you enjoy the art of creating the perfect image in-camera. I don’t have expensive filters and all that jazz but it doesn’t mean I go home and pump my images up to make them fake. But I digress…Hopefully, if you have an interest you can take a minute and watch the videos. Please email me with any questions – always happy to help!

Editing Yoho National Park Photo (Part One)

I didn’t upgrade my account before making part one (it was only $15/year) because I wanted to make sure it worked decently. After recording the first fifteen minutes I realized it worked decently so I spent the money to upgrade. I also didn’t think it would take me thirty minutes to edit this photo (I usually can be done in about 10 – 15 minutes) but I guess with all my talking it took me a lot longer because I kept trying to explain what I was doing. I’ll make these videos occasionally going forward so hopefully you find them helpful. I know when I was learning the most helpful thing was watching someone else do their thing and learning from what they did. Enjoy!!

Editing Yoho National Park Photo (Part Two)


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