Ice Caves at Medenhall Glacier (Juneau, Alaska)

During the first stop of the cruise my wife and I took a hike to Medenhall Glacier through ‘Beyond Alaska Tours’ which was one of the many highlights of the trip. This was a pretty challenging hike – 7.5 hours, covering eight miles and it rained the entire time – so I wouldn’t recommend it for those not used to being somewhat active but if you are looking to work off some of that cruise buffet food this is great trek! The instructors of the hike even had a saying for what their ‘normal’ passengers are like on this hike…”The nearly dead, newlywed and/or overfed”….luckily no one on our hike fit that mantra so we moved pretty quick and got to spend quite a bit of time at the actual ice cave.

Ice Cave at Medenhall Glacier – Juneau, Alaska

Ice Caves at Medenhall Glacier Juneau Alaska

We did our other tours through the cruise ship but because we both really wanted to go into the ice caves, which wasn’t offered through the ship, we looked to an outside tour company. The tour companies do not guarantee that you will make it back to your boat but they deal with cruise passengers every day so I cannot imagine they’ve had any (many?) instances where they’ve not gotten people back to the boats or their reputation would be shot. Therefore, if you are considering using them for a hike – we highly recommend it. They were absolutely great!!!


One thought on “Ice Caves at Medenhall Glacier (Juneau, Alaska)

  1. What a cool picture! It almost seems like it if water filled from the picture, but I assume it is not since you are inside of it:)

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