Mount Rundle in the Pre-Dawn Light (Banff National Park)

The third Vermillion Lake in Banff National Park is a favorite of landscape photographers looking to get reflection shots of Mount Rundle at either sunrise or sunset. This lake is slightly deeper than the other two lakes that precede this one on the Vermillion Lakes Scenic Drive and as a result it usually looks pretty good in pictures and produces nice reflections when the weather is calm. Every time, and more importantly every season, I’m in Banff this is a spot where reflections are pretty much guaranteed. This location is a couple hundred yards up the road from the main dock of the third Vermillion Lake where many photographers stop to take pictures. Since I’ve been to this location so many times in the past I try to find new vantage points and this area wasn’t as obvious as the dock area – it is a little more hidden, but easily accessible. Essentially, you follow the lake up the road for a hundred yards or so, up a little hill and then around a slight bend about a hundred yards before reaching this clearing. There is a shore area that provides nice views of the peaks, the marsh across the way and then allows for a nice reflection in the water.

Mount Rundle in the Pre-Dawn Light (Banff National Park)

Mount Rundle Vermillion Lakes Banff National Park Sunrise


4 thoughts on “Mount Rundle in the Pre-Dawn Light (Banff National Park)

    • Appreciate that – I will get a dream sunrise once when I visit Banff – hasn’t happened yet but one day I’ll get lucky. Even without the color in the sky I was pleased with the way the shot turned out.

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