The Streets of Florence, Italy

Stepping out onto the streets of Italy sipping a delicious cappuccino and flaky pastry we headed to the church (Florence Cathedral aka Duomo di Firenze) and the joined the queue to take the steps to the top for the spectacular views of the city streets. The narrow cobbled streets form a maze of old, family owned bakeries, coffee shops and the more upscale shopping districts that Florence is known for.

The Streets of Florence, Italy

View from the Top of the Duomo in Florence Italy

The view from the top of the Duomo in Florence, Italy provides a wonderful view of the historic, twisted streets below. The Cathedral sits in the center of it all and is one of the most visited landmarks in Italy. Built in the Byzantine style it stands out from the more traditional/Gothic architecture that other Italian churches are often known for.


10 thoughts on “The Streets of Florence, Italy

  1. Beautiful photo! I spent some time in Florence this summer, and discovered so many charming components and “little things” every day.

    • I read “Inferno” after we were back but wish I did it in the opposite direction. I would have appreciated some of the sights much greater – specifically the Pointe Vecchio Bridge over the River Arno. I never knew there was a secretive walkway over the top of it. Fascinating!

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