Zabriskie Point (Death Valley National Park)

Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park is noted for its unique landscape that was formed over 5 million years ago when this whole area was covered by a gigantic lake. A favorite spot for landscape photographers at sunrise while in Death Valley it is often extremely crowded before the sun comes up. I visited my first morning there and after exploring the rest of the park decided that would be my only day there. The constant doldrums of other photographers bemoaning the light (less than perfect), their gear (damn Canon hasn’t made any improvements in years), etc… ruined the experience for me. The rest of Death Valley I found to be an absolute delight because of the solitude – Zabriskie Point did not afford that luxury. So if you are like me and enjoy to work alone – check out some of the other spots throughout the park where the ability to disappear and be on your own is greater.

Zabriskie Point (Death Valley National Park)

Zabriskie Point Death Valley National Park

Zabriskie Point is a popular place among pop culture apparently – in doing my research before the trip I learned that it is a popular place to trip on acid, has represented the surface of Mars in Hollywood films, was the backdrop of the U2 Album Joshua Tree and is a soundtrack for a movie of the same name featuring Pink Floyd and Jerry Garcia…Fortunately, I saw no one tripping on acid during my hike throughout the area.

8 thoughts on “Zabriskie Point (Death Valley National Park)

  1. I like to find a place of solitude while shooting my landscapes because I like to be alone and also I want pictures that have not been taken 100 times before. I always find people complaining about light and gear funny, if the light is not what you wanted then use your skill to make the scene work, also limitations of gear can make you more creative. This is the challenge of photography.

    • Agreed – I think we’d get along great on a shoot! I won’t say I’m not disappointed when the light isn’t perfect and I’m only in a place for a few days but it also makes me really appreciate when I see other people’s shots and the light is really special. Complaining about it does nothing but ruin the time for everyone else around you. Keep the negative thoughts to yourself – positive thoughts I’m all ears!!

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