Storm Pass (Rocky Mountain National Park)

Just off of Bear Lake Road on the way to the Bear Lake Parking area in Rocky Mountain National Park is a small, often overlooked viewpoint called Storm Pass. The parking lot holds about three cars but fortunately it isn’t usually too busy in the early morning hours so parking isn’t an issue. We were planning to hike to the top of Hallett Peak (the primary peak in this photograph) from the Bear Lake Trailhead just after sunrise so knowing this place was a relatively easy spot to stop and make some photos I chose this for my sunrise location.

Storm Pass (Rocky Mountain National Park)

Sunrise on Hallett's Peak from Storm Pass in Rocky Mountain National Park

I captured this image in three separate frames – one for the ‘normal’, one for the dark and one for the lights – to capture the full dynamic range. In addition, I used a ten-stop ND filter in this image to blur the motion of the river flowing back towards the Mountain. I only took a few frames this morning as I didn’t want to be late for the hike as I was meeting a few people but this would definitely be a place I’d go back to again and spend some additional time exploring as the mountains are nicely framed by the trees in the foreground and the river provides another interesting element to lead the eye from the front of the frame to the back.

5 thoughts on “Storm Pass (Rocky Mountain National Park)

    • Thanks! What kind of Sony do you use? I’ve been thinking of moving to one of the Sony cameras for my next one – either the a7 or a7r. The new Nikon (D750) looks pretty slick too.

      • Hi there. At the moment I use Sony DSC-RX100. It’s a cybershot with Carl Zeiss optic.
        A good camera is the one you always carry with you. Pocket size and the weight 213 g. There is no reason for leave it at home. But somehow I was happy for my Canon G-9.
        My Sony is an exciting camera but not very sturdy.
        You have a great site. I enjoyed it.
        All the best,

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