Morning in Rocky Mountain National Park

After photographing Lake Helene at Sunrise I headed back to find the trail that I somehow lost in the morning. Hiking through a number of trees and overgrown bush – trying to make some noise in case the moose and her babies that are known to frequent this area were nearby – I stumbled onto this scene which was magical with the sunlight poking through the trees creating a ‘sunstar’. There was a light rain the night before and so the grass was still wet – as the sun hit the top blades of grass a glow was created that came through nicely in the photo.

Morning in Rocky Mountain National Park

Morning in Rocky Mountain National Park

In order to capture a ‘sunstar’ in your image it is imperative to set a narrow aperture on your lens – if you click the link above there is more detail around the specifics – but essentially think of the narrow aperture as if you are squinting your eyes. The more you squint the bigger the ‘sunstar’ effect will become and that is true in photography as well. The larger your aperture value (i.e. smaller opening, less light getting through, etc…) the better the sunstar. The sunstar here was shot at f/22.


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