The Rolling Hills of Tuscany (Florence, Italy)

While in Florence, Italy my wife and I took a day trip into the rolling hillside of Tuscany. Our trip involved a fairly long and strenuous bike trip that we were not prepared for. We knew we were going to be riding bikes of course – and riding from winery to winery sampling their wines sounded like a fun time. However, the riding was much more strenuous than we thought and our dress (khaki pants, oxford shirt and dress shoes – appropriate for wine tasting) was pretty off the mark for the days activities. The day’s ride started out fine with a lot of downhill from the first winery to the next one but by the end of lunch (spaghetti and MORE wine) they told us we needed to go back up the hill. They had a van following us with trailer hitches for the bikes so I thought they’d keep the ride pretty leisurely but the second half was rough – complicated by the large quantity of wine I’d already drank by that point and the heavy lunch of pasta and garlic bread.

The Rolling Hills of Tuscany outside of Florence, Italy

From the top of one of the wineries I shot this picture – the day was mostly overcast and a little bit hazy – but I tried to make the best of the picture by minimizing the amount of sky shown at the top and focusing more on the lush green of the hillside and the houses isolated in the distance. A beautiful view and one I hope to have again in the future because when we go back to Italy we will definitely spend more time in Tuscana.


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