Castle Junction (Banff National Park)

A little over halfway to Lake Louise from the town of Banff in Banff National Park lies Castle Junction. The junction is nestled at the base of Castle Mountain and the bridge connects the scenic highway (Highway 1A) with the main highway. This is one of my favorite spots in Banff to take pictures (thus the number of photos on my website with this picturesque mountain) because it is fenced off and thus most tourists won’t venture down there so I have the place to myself. What most people don’t realize is that the fence isn’t for humans but rather it is to keep the animals off of the road (they can cross at the river under the bridge or at one of the many crossing bridges that they’ve built) so as long as you shut the heavy gate behind you there is no issue with you hiking down along the river.

Castle Junction (Banff National Park)

Castle Mountain Reflection Banff National Park

I expected more color in the sky at sunset – and all around me there was – but the view over top of the mountain was pretty mundane. Still I was able to crouch low and with the wide angle lens get a nice reflection of the mountain in a relatively stationary pool of water outside of the river. This is one of my constants when I’m in Banff – I love the views that the hike along this river provides. If you can’t make pictures here that make people go ‘wow’ you may need a new hobby.


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