Pre-Dawn at Swiftcurrent Lake (Glacier National Park)

In Glacier National Park one of the best places to catch the sunrise is at Swiftcurrent Lake as many photographers like to capture the unmistakeable Grinnell Point with the alpenglow on it. Unfortunately for me the clouds interrupted my sunrise and the colors weren’t as dramatic as I hoped. However, the pre-dawn light was nice and I think the poor weather conditions kept alot of the other photographers away because I was here almost by myself which is amazingly rare with an almost always full hotel right on the edge of the lake (Many Glacier Hotel).

Pre-Dawn at Swiftcurrent Lake (Glacier National Park)

Pre-Dawn at Swiftcurrent Lake Glacier National Park

My posting has been a little sporadic lately but I’m hoping to get a more scheduled approach going as my personal life settles down. This has been one of the most difficult year’s of my life and I will be really pleased when the clock turns to 2015 and I can put it all behind me.


5 thoughts on “Pre-Dawn at Swiftcurrent Lake (Glacier National Park)

    • Sorry this was tied up in my spam filter. I appreciate the comments and the year was tough but we all have to face bottoms to enjoy the tops so I know that 2015 is going to be a better year and I’m excited about that.

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