Alaskan Coastline

Alaska is massive and one thing that I learned while we were on the cruise boat is that the coastline of Alaska is longer than that of all other US States combined. Luckily most of it, when it isn’t shrouded in clouds, is nice to look at as well.

Alaskan Coastline

Coast of Alaska

My wife graduates from nursing school this afternoon after two long and hard years of graduate classes. This will be a career change for her and one that was met with a lot of challenges in the past 24-months. There is a still a lot to do ahead – in particular getting her license so she can actually practice – but I have little doubt she will accomplish that early next year and be well on her way to saving some lives in the future. I’m very proud of her and look forward to going back to being a D.I.N.K (Dual Income No Kids) for a little while longer – although the student loan payment isn’t going to be pretty!


One thought on “Alaskan Coastline

  1. After 6 days on a cruise in Alaska this summer I have to agree the Alaskan coastline is amazing! Congrats to your wife! My husband is also a nurse, I admire them!

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