Lake Moraine in the Morning

Similar to Peyto Lake in Banff National Park the blue color of the water from Moraine Lake is unlike anything else you will see throughout the world. Rock Flour that tumbles down the glaciers that surround the lake give it that distinct color – although from this angle it isn’t as prevalent as from a higher vantage point.

Lake Moraine in the Morning

Lake Moraine Reflection in the Morning

One of the only hikes that solo tourists – like myself – are allowed to take in the Lake Moraine area is the Moraine Lake Lakeshore Trail (most of the other trails require a minimum of four people in a group because of heightened bear activity in the area – it wise to heed the warnings not only because of the bears but also the park rangers who levy heavy fines against those not obeying the group rules of the area). The trail leads around Lake Moraine to a stream feeding it from the mountains above. I spent a bit of time at the stream trying to frame out a shot that I liked – I got a few (haven’t posted them here yet) – before turning to head back to the parking lot. As always I made sure to spend some time glancing over my shoulder for interesting view points and this one caught my eye because of the reflection that wasn’t there the hour or so before when I’d hiked past it. I setup the shot with the curve of shoreline leading back into the mountain in the distance.


2 thoughts on “Lake Moraine in the Morning

  1. Lake Moraine – beautiful as always! If you travel up on a weekend you are sure to find someone to hike with! There is always other people in the area also looking for a trail mate to fill the requirement of 4:)

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