Death Valley in the Morning

I started the year off with a couple of trips to California. Death Valley was one of the highlights and the January weather – a little bit of rain/clouds – added to the atmosphere of the shots. I never got much of the clear skies that Death Valley is known for in the summer but that’s okay because it kept the heat off of me throughout most of the day.

Death Valley in the Morning

Death Valley in the Morning

A few more posts to this site but once the new year starts I’m going to migrate exclusively over to so make sure to follow me over there. We will be heading to Africa for our big trip next year and I’m thinking of upgrading from my current camera (Canon Rebel T3i) and lens setup to a new full frame camera – Nikon D750. After four/five years of picking up Photography it appears to be a hobby I intend on keeping so I think it is about time to make the jump to a full frame camera. It isn’t an easy decision primarily because of the cost involved but I’ve been told by many that a crop sensor vs a full frame sensor is a night/day difference. Additionally, I’ll have to invest in all new lenses as well since my current crop of lenses won’t work with this camera. I will be selling all my older stuff but that will only recoup a fraction of what the new setup will cost me – the way I see it though it is more of an investment.


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