Mount Stephen (Yoho National Park)

Located in the Kicking Horse River Valley region of Yoho National Park, Mount Stephen stands as a formidable presence above the Kicking Horse River. It rises nearly 11,000 feet and towers over the valley below it. A short hike brings you to a fork in the river with and one of the views is the one shown here in this image.

Mount Stephen (Yoho National Park)

Mount Stephen (Yoho National Park)

I processed the photo using Nik’s SilverEfx Pro and then toned down the black and white to about 70% to let some of the color shine through. This was one of the last pictures I took before hiking the 1 1/2 miles back to my car so it is after the sun had set and the color faded from the sky. Hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas – we’ve got three more days left in Florida and I’m not ready to go back to Chicago. This has been such a nice break from the cold weather. I’ve even got a very slight tan from being in the sun for the past few days.


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