Last Light on the Grand Canyon

A few years back my wife and I spent a few days in the Grand Canyon. It was the beginning of the fall when we were there so there was little chance of snow. This week the Grand Canyon had snow before we did here in Chicago – however, we’ve more than caught up now as we are back under a deep freeze. I’m not sure it’s been above zero on a temperature basis all week. Warmer days are ahead though and I’m hoping to get out this weekend to take some pictures around the city.

Last Light on the Grand Canyon

Last Light on the Grand Canyon

“Do nothing to mar it’s grandeur, for the ages have been at work upon it and man cannot improve it. Keep it for your children, your children’s children and all who come after you.”

— Theodore Roosevelt


13 thoughts on “Last Light on the Grand Canyon

  1. First of all … Happy New Year to you both. This image is like in 3D – fantastic shot. Warmer days – don’t you have any winter in Chicago this year??? Neither have we. On the other hand you had winter enough last year.

    • Happy new year to you as well – I was thinking the same thing as I took it. The layers of the canyon walls extending into the distance gave it alot of visual appeal. It got cold (negative temps Fahrenheit with -20 wind chills) last week but otherwise (fingers crossed) has been a pretty mild winter which we deserve because last year was B-R-U-T-A-L!

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