Trump Tower (Chicago, Illinois)

I woke up early on Sunday morning – wasn’t intending to but couldn’t sleep because I wanted to use my new ‘toy’ – and went out to take pictures of Chicago before the city woke up. I drove down to the intersection of Adams and Wabash and headed up to the el station. There is a bridge that goes over the el tracks and connects the two sides of the loop together. I set my camera up and waited for a few trains to go by – surprisingly the trains were coming VERY frequently so early in the morning – because the bridge swayed which each passing train.

At the end of the El Tracks, just as the train takes a turn, and across the river sits one of Chicago’s newest and best looking buildings – the Trump Tower. It is also one of the only skyscrapers in the city with its name prominently (and very tacky in my opinion) plastered on the side of it just in case you weren’t quite sure what building it was. I liked the way that the corridor of buildings lining the el track framed the main subject – the Trump Tower – in the distance. The light (pre-dawn) was perfect too because the building was still lit up so it stands out against the deep blue morning sky.

Trump Tower (Chicago, Illinois)

Trump Tower in Chicago (framed by buildings)


5 thoughts on “Trump Tower (Chicago, Illinois)

    • Thanks Rob – I need to get out and shoot around my hometown more. On your blog there is a lot of nice shots from your home city but I seem to take advantage of the fact that I live here and get a bit lazy. The recent upgrade to a new camera has reignited my passion though to head back out and re-shoot things I previously did with my old Canon.

      I love the Calgary area and am fortunate to get up there 2 – 3 times a year for client meetings. Banff is one of the most magical places on earth and it is right in your backyard. Looking forward to seeing more of your shots in the future.

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