Zabriskie Point (Death Valley National Park)

Surrounded by a maze of eroded and vibrantly colored badlands the view from Zabriskie Point is one of the most spectacular views in Death Valley National Park. I spent a weekend here last year and took in a sunrise from this spot. Unfortunately, the sunrise was blocked by some clouds but they cleared an hour or so afterwards so I was able to still take some nice shots of the badlands from the viewing platform.

Zabriskie Point (Death Valley National Park)

Zabriskie Point View (Death Valley National Park)

According to Death Valley’s website this viewpoint is closed for some major renovation work at this time. However, it is expected to re-open in the spring. The viewpoint is a short walk uphill from the parking area and tends to be pretty crowded at both sunrise and sunset. In fact, it was one of the only places that entire weekend where I encountered other photographers out and about. Despite the fact that the Death Valley Marathon (Run Through Hell or something like that) was the same weekend the park was relatively empty.

6 thoughts on “Zabriskie Point (Death Valley National Park)

  1. What a great picture! Like how the focus is in the center and the foreground is a bit blurry. Colours are amazing!

    • A little trick from Photoshop since I can’t afford a ’tilt-shift’ lens that could make that effect happen in camera. However, like you I liked focusing the attention on the badlands in the center and felt the blurring helped draw the eye there.

    • 🙂 I spent a week in Badlands National Park about 11 years ago. I wish I was as into photography than as I am now because the color of those formations are just magnificent. The photos from my old Canon back then are completely washed out from the sun – since of course I was always shooting at high noon (rookie mistake). One day I’ll make it back there though. Heading to Death Valley I didn’t know they had badlands there until I stood on top of Zabriskie Point so this was a pleasant surprise.

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