Sprague Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park)

This has to be one of the easiest ‘postcard’ views throughout Rocky Mountain National Park. At sunrise, you just have to allow around 10-15 minutes to take a nice flat path a half mile around Sprague lake to get the perfect reflection of the Continental Divide as the sunlight hits it. The ease of access makes it one of my go to locations when I’m in Rocky Mountain National Park during the off tourist season. This shot though was taken during the height of summer – August 2014 – and wasn’t my original destination. However, as I drove to a different location I noticed some nice clouds forming over the mountains and detoured here trying to get that perfect sunrise. At first light I was able to catch these colors…Sprague Lake at Sunrise (Rocky Mountain National Park)….this shot is around a half hour after the early morning sunrise.

Sprague Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park)

Sprague Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park)


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