Gargoyle on Top of Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris, France)

Four years ago my wife and I embarked on a two week trip to London, Munich, Berlin and Paris on our one-year anniversary. Heading into that trip I was probably least excited about visiting Paris. This was largely because of all the bad things I had heard about how the French people treated American tourists. I learned shortly into our stay in the city that my friends and colleagues who had tainted my feelings towards the French could not have been farther from the truth! In our four days there I found everyone to be more than helpful to my wife (she speaks a little French) and I (I speak none – I was saying ‘Bonjour’ when I should have been saying ‘au revoir’). Sure you’d get the occasional a-hole but that can happen anywhere and you can’t let the bad apple spoil your vacation. In my experience the locals want to help out when they can but they aren’t going to be helpful if you have an arrogant attitude and expect them to cater to you – we are the visitors there and not them. They don’t have to speak English nor should they so when you ask ‘Parlez-Vous Anglais?’ and they do not (or choose not to) there is no reason to be an ugly American – just try your best to work through the communication or excuse yourself and try to find someone else who can assist. As I’ve said I think most people will try to be helpful but if you act like an arrogant prick the locals will, and should, return the favor.

Why the long diatribe on Paris and the French in general? Well, we decided to go to Paris for our five-year anniversary coming up in March. I’ve wanted to go back since my first trip there and now that I’m a little more experienced with the camera I cannot wait to take more pictures of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

If anyone has been there and has some shots/suggested locations please post them in the comments section. I’m doing as much research as I can and have a few areas in mind that I want to shoot from but I’d love to hear from people who’ve found suburb locations before me.

Gargoyle on Top of Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris, France)

Gargoyle with Sacre Coeur in the Background


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