White Thunder (Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska)

Glacier Bay National Park was established in December 1980 to allow scientists to study the speed of glacial retreat that was ongoing in years leading up to its designation. Since the ’80s the pace of retreat has only increased and there are concerns that at some point the glaciers may disappear from Alaska completely.

One of the main attractions of the visit to Glacier Bay National Park in the spring and summer months is the possibility of hearing ‘white thunder’. ‘White thunder’ is sound of the calving glaciers (when a piece breaks off) that hit the water and sound like a cannon shot echoing off the landscape around it. The trick with trying to photograph it is that you hear the sound after the iceberg has already calved so if you chase the noise you are going to miss the impact. In this picture I focused on one area of the giant glacier, zoomed in tight and patiently waited/hoped for a piece to break loose. I got lucky and was able to capture the moment the iceberg hit the water and created a mini-explosion.

White Thunder – Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

White Thunder (Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska)


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