The Bridge of Sighs (Venice, Italy)

The “Bridge of Sighs” located in Venice, Italy passes over the Rio de Palazzo canal and connects the ‘New Prison’ with the interrogation rooms in the Doge’s Palace (The Doge of Venice is the leading authority in the city of Venice).

Built in 1600, the view from this spot (on the covered bridge) was the last glimpse of Venice that the convicts saw before their imprisonment (likely for the remainder of their lives). Thus, as criminals were led over the bridge they’d peer through the barred windows at this view of the Rio de Palazzo leading out to the Grand Canal and regret the actions they’d taken that led to this point of their lives – sighing as they made their way into the cells.

The Bridge of Sighs (Venice, Italy)

The view from the Bridge of Sighs (Venice, Italy)

Couples in Venice can often be found riding in gondolas under this bridge and kissing directly underneath it. Local legend (perhaps made up by the gondola industry? Which in my humble opinion is very overpriced) states that couples will be granted eternal bliss with a well-timed kiss at sunset under the bridge.

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