Misty Morning (Sitka, Alaska)

Sitka, Alaska is a town with a population of a little over 8,000 people. I imagine for Alaska that is decently sized but small to most other folks. The tourist season is a big business for them and for several months of the year cruise ships like ours pull up and drop thousands of tourists on the town before it goes back to being ‘same old Sitka’ for the other four – five months a year. I have to imagine that for people who live there the constant drop of tourists can get a bit overwhelming – especially if you moved there long before the tourists started coming in an effort to get away from it all.

Misty Morning (Sitka, Alaska)

Misty Morning (Sitka, Alaska)

I took this picture from the balcony of our room on the cruise ship as we pulled slowly into Sitka. The fog from the morning was still heavy but eventually it burned off and we got to experience the best weather of the whole trip. We decided to take a sea kayaking trip when we got off of the boat. The experience was a lot of fun. The tour instructors picked us up right from the dock and then took us out to a floating base camp where we launched the kayaks from. It took my wife and I bit to get the kayaking rhythm down – we spun in circles for awhile – but once we got it we didn’t hold the group up too much. We even wound up getting a little sun burnt on our faces from being out in the water for three or four hours.


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