Opera House (Paris, France)

The Palais Garnier located in Paris, France was built in the mid/late 1800s for the Paris opera and served as the primary opera location in Paris until 1989 when another larger opera house opened across town. The opera house today primarily features ballets due to its limited seating capacity (less than 2,000 total seats).

We took a tour of the opera house (10 Euros per person) on our last day in Paris, France. They do have guided tours as well but there weren’t any on the morning that we went – however, they offer free audio guides in many languages that help explain what each item in the opera house is.

Palais Garnier (Opera House) in Paris, France

Paris Opera House (Palais Garnier)

The opera houses opulence is well known throughout the world and it certainly didn’t disappoint. This image is a panoramic shot (14 individual photos, shot at ISO 3200) taken and merged in Photoshop in an attempt to get the all-encompassing view of the theater from the balcony. It turned out better than I expected although if I was doing it over again I may have taken the photo with a little more coverage of the ceiling since it really stood out (the modern feel didn’t seem to mesh with the rest of the decor) and was odd. However, for not doing panoramic shots all that often I’m pleased with how easy it was to automatically merge the photos in Photoshop.


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