Lake Helene Sunrise (Rocky Mountain National Park)

Last August while spending a weekend out in Rocky Mountain National Park I woke up before 4 AM to make the moderately difficult hike to Lake Helene. I had visited the lake on the prior day to make sure that I knew exactly where it was but still got a little lost a couple of times and had to backtrack to find the trail. Eventually, I made it out to a spot where I could capture the first light hitting the peaks and reflecting back down on the lake below it. There was another photographer standing on the far edge of the lake taking a different angle on the 12,000+ foot Notchtop Mountain which dominates the scenery from this position.

Lake Helene Sunrise (Rocky Mountain National Park)

Lake Helene Sunrise (Rocky Mountain National Park)

I’m not sure I’ll have a chance to make it out to Rocky Mountain National Park this summer but I’m hoping to get the chance to go to Banff in June and September. I usually go every six months but the March meeting got moved to June so hopefully the weather will be more cooperative there than it was last week in Paris where we didn’t see too many sunrises or sunsets because of low hanging grey skies.


5 thoughts on “Lake Helene Sunrise (Rocky Mountain National Park)

    • That’s great – I can’t wait to see your pictures. I regret now not checking out other national parks in Colorado although I will say Rocky Mountain National Park is downright amazing and I started really coming to know it well. If you have any questions shoot me a note – I’ve done a lot of research on the best places to shoot sunrise/sunset

  1. A stunning capture! Love the red colour of the mountain, and the reflection in the water is perfect. That there is still some snow left adds to the beauty of the landscape. I like that you have kept some greenery in the front, help give some depth to the photo.

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