Millennium Biltmore (Los Angeles, California)

Opened in 1923, the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, California was the largest hotel west of Chicago, Illinois for many years. At 70,000 square feet is a gigantic building but due to some additions made to the hotel (restaurants, larger rooms) the hotel now only has a fraction of the rooms it once had. I stayed here the last time I was out in Los Angeles for business. I normally stay out by the ocean but with additional work and our upcoming trip to Paris (we were leaving only a few days after my meeting) I figured I should just head right to the hotel and get some work done. Around 1 AM I snuck down to the lobby and took a few pictures of the opulently decorated hallways. Unfortunately, I was only able to take a few shots before the security notified me that taking pictures with a tripod was not allowed so I shrugged and headed back to my room for some sleep. I was disappointed to not be able to explore the hotel a bit more – rumors say it is haunted as well – but it just means I’ll have to stay there next time I’m in town and I’ll try to explore a little later when maybe the security staff is dozing off.

Millennium Biltmore (Los Angeles, California)

Millennium Biltmore (Los Angeles, California)

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