Westerdam at Sunset (Victoria, British Columbia)

Our mighty vessel during our cruise to Alaska was the MS Westerdam which is owned by the Holland America cruise company. I don’t have to repeat on here that we had a great time (as I covered that before) and I cannot thank my Mom enough for booking that trip as it will go down as one of the greatest trips of my life (and probably all of our lives – for many reasons I wish we could do it all over again).

Westerdam at Sunset

Westerdam at Sunset (Victoria, British Columbia)

I took this photo during our last night on the cruise. We were docked in Victoria, British Columbia and needed to be back on board shortly after sunset. I could tell from the downtown area that the sunset was going to be amazing and I was disappointed that we had to hurry back to the boat and I was going to miss the colors in the sky. However, as the cab pulled back up next to the ship I ran out with my camera and grabbed a few shots before sprinting back through customs so that I could get back on board the boat before it departed. I didn’t even have time to set up my tripod so I had to shoot this hand-held and with a higher ISO level (400). I took the exposure reading from the sunset in the distance with the hope I’d be able bring out the shadows of the boat so it didn’t look like a big black blob and this worked out perfectly as Lightroom did an amazing job bringing out the details in the boat.


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