Soccer Juggler in Montmarte (Paris, France)

Sitting on the steps of the Sacre Coeur in the Montmarte neighborhood of Paris, France is one of the most enjoyable things to do when vacationing in the City of Light. There is typically a guy/girl standing at the base of the steps playing guitar and a soccer ball juggler across the street behind them. Local hustlers are walking around selling beers and bottle of water to thirsty tourists (watch your wallets – gypsies are nearby and look for those distracted) while others sell snacks for those who don’t want to venture down the steps to a nearby quickie mart. I was surprised to see the same guy juggling the soccer ball that we saw four years ago – it must be a decent paying gig because he’s been doing it for years.

Soccer Juggler in Montmarte (Paris, France)

Soccer Juggler in Montmarte (Paris, France)

Since we had watched his act the last time we were there a few years back I knew that he was going to climb the poll and balance the soccer ball so I moved into a position where I could get more of the Parisian landscape in the distance behind him. Montmarte offers an amazing view of the city and is one of the more livelier areas in Paris – of course, it also used to be one of the seedier areas but has turned around in recent times and is now pretty safe (as long as you don’t get distracted – but that’s really any big city Paris or the U.S.).

Below is a video taken from Youtube (here is the link: that shows a part of his performance. Even if you can’t make it to Paris I hope you enjoy the show (he starts to climb the poll around the 1:45 mark)


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