Last Light on Long’s Peak (Rocky Mountain National Park)

One of the most easily accessible and thus visited lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park is Bear Lake. During the day the mile long, handicap accessible trail that circles the lake is packed with families with young kids and older family members who no longer get along as well as they once did. However, on this August night as the sun went down the area around the lake was surprisingly empty. It was chilly this evening – around 45 or so – which probably kept most visitors indoors. Admittedly, I wasn’t as prepared for the weather as I should have been but fortunately it wasn’t too far back to my warm car at the trailhead.

Last Light on Long’s Peak (Rocky Mountain National Park)

Last Light on Long's Peak (Rocky Mountain National Park)

“There is no place comparable to the Diamond [up Colorado’s Longs Peak]. It is high, cold, steep, a long way from the parking lot, and most of all, intimidating. Chasm View, or the Flying Buttress can get you acclimated, but nothing can prepare you for the Diamond but the Diamond.” — Malcolm Daly.

It’s hard to make out the famous, unmistakable diamond of Long’s Peak in this photo but when the sunsets it is the last place the sun hits as it rises 14,259 feet into the air. I do want to climb it one day (you can hike to the top) but I need to get more acclimated to the high altitudes first before I’m ready to tackle that challenge.


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