Afternoon in Chianti (Chianti, Italy)

In the heart of Tuscany, stretching between Florence, Italy and Sienna, Italy is the Chianti region. Famous for their wine and often romanticized in novels because of the lovely countryside it certainly didn’t disappoint. We took an unforgettable bike/wine tour during our time in the countryside. I absolutely love Italy and hope to be back many times throughout my life. We’ve been twice and it gets better with each visit because I feel like we can slow down a bit more and enjoy things like the rolling countryside of the Chianti region.

Afternoon in Chianti (Chianti, Italy)

Afternoon in Chianti (Chianti, Italy)

From atop a European castle, turned winery, I took this photo of the countryside below. The winery also made olive oil and I was shocked/awed to learn that it took about three olive trees to make a single bottle of olive oil – I guess that’s why it is always so expensive for very fine, legitimate olive oil. We also learned that we pay WAY too much for wine in the US – the vineyard offered locals a hose (like a gas pump) for filling up five liter drinking jugs of wine and for that privilege charged them three euros a liter…for that same wine in a bottle we were paying 25 Euros and that’s for only 3/4 of a liter. If I ever do move to Europe the accessibility of amazing, cheap wine may be my downfall.

5 thoughts on “Afternoon in Chianti (Chianti, Italy)

  1. Beautiful! And I had no idea one could get wine from Chianti, one of my favourite districts, from a hose! Hehe…that is just amazing:)

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