Five Reasons Why I Prefer Crop Sensors to Full Frame Sensors for Beginners

I have been working on a new site for what seems forever and at some point I’ll combine them. I recently published a post over there on that blog/page that discusses the reasons that I prefer Crop Sensors to Full Frame Sensors for Beginner Photographers….Here is the link. If for some reason the link doesn’t work here is the full address:

At some point I’ll transition over to that website fully but for now I’m not interested in abandoning this site and starting over to try and get folks to see my photos over there.

View from Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris, France)

View from Notre Dame (Paris, France)

In Paris, France we climbed to the top of Notre Dame Cathedral which offers one of the best views over the entire city. The gargoyles perched above are well known – and often photographed – and I too wanted to get a shot of them perched above the city with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. It was a beautiful day in Paris – and this view is one I’ll cherish until we get back again.


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