Lake Moraine at Sunrise (Banff National Park)

Fed from the glaciers behind it Lake Moraine in Banff National Park is one of the most photographed landscaped locations in the world so getting a unique (which this isn’t – as I was jockeying for position with ten to fifteen of my ‘closest’ friends) is nearly impossible. Still it is one of those locations that you just must visit and getting there before sunrise to watch the first light hit the peaks in the distance is awe inspiring. I haven’t been able to go during the ‘prime’ month of June where the sun is positioned so that all of the peaks get light but you have to take what nature gives you and thus the September light allows for light on a few of the peaks only.

I bracketed this shot and then used the ‘normal’ exposure for the foreground and lake area before blending in the ‘dark’ exposure which gave me the ability to color the peaks and the sky the way that it was when I was there. Historically, I would have used HDRSoft’s Photomatix to do a bit of this processing but lately I’ve found I like the results more when I manually blend the exposures together because you don’t get the harsh contrasts that HDR software seems to produce.

Lake Moraine at Sunset (Banff National Park)

Lake Moraine at Sunrise (Banff National Park)


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