Duomo by the Moonlight (Florence, Italy)

“I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.”

– Caskie Stinnett

It’s been about two months since we left for Paris and for most of April I was in Chicago so needless to say I’m getting a bit antsy. The next month or so I’ll be on a few airplanes but no real big trips planned so I’m starting to get stir crazy. Of course we are trying to buy a new condo right now so we’ve slashed our travel budget but I’m certainly finding myself needing to get away for a bit and explore the world – if for nothing else but to break the routine and monotony of day-to-day life…Maybe a quick trip back to Italy would cure that itch!

Duomo by the Moonlight (Florence, Italy)

Duomo at Night (Florence, Italy)

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower (Il Duomo) is the main church in Florence, Italy and really the focal point of the cities atmosphere in the evenings. Our hotel overlooked the square and thus we had a phenomenal view of the action down below from the window. The exterior of the Basilica is decorated with marble panels that are unlike anything normally seen in Italy where the cathedrals are much more classical in design.


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