Autumn in the Canadian Rockies (Banff National Park)

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Autumn in the Canadian Rockies (Banff Natonal Park)
Autumn in the Canadian Rockies (Banff National Park)

I liked the balance of this image and as I set it up. Essentially, I thought that the contrast in the shape of the foreground offsetting the similar, opposite shape, of the background provided a nice balance to the image. Add in the fact that there was some nice color in the trees in the foreground and the morning light was still soft and I’m really pleased with how the image turned out. This isn’t a broad landscape but rather as Rick Sammon would say I ‘filled the frame’ with the mountains and the foreground – I had other frames where the mountain was reflecting nicely in the water as well but I thought this was a strong composition since the mountain dominates the image way it did while I was standing there.


5 thoughts on “Autumn in the Canadian Rockies (Banff National Park)

    • How awesome! How long are you going to be in Banff for? Any plans to drive up to Jasper too? I want so badly to go to Jasper but I’m only able to spend Sunday night there next weekend and didn’t want to spend four hours each way driving to and from. Next year when hopefully my wife and I have all of our house issues (trying to sell current place and are already under contract on a new one) behind us and thus more expendable income to travel.

      Enjoy the trip – it’s the best park I’ve personally ever been to (Grand Teton + Yellowstone is close but technically that’s two parks even though they are right next to each other :)). Beautiful scenery everywhere

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