Hall of Mirrors (Versailles, France)

In the 17th Century mirrors were one of expensive luxury items that people could own so it was only natural that King Louis XIV would decorate an entire hallway of his luxury palace with seventeen of them.

Hall of Mirrors (Versailles, France)

Hall of Mirrors (Versailles, France)

Similar to some other photos I’ve posted here over the past few weeks this is a composite of five or six pictures that I actually overlayed on top of one another in order to mask the people out of the foreground. I wasn’t patient enough to get the middle of the hallway in the distance clear. I’m not sure I would have been able to stand there long enough until I got shoved away by the security guards patrolling the halls and keeping traffic flowing.


6 thoughts on “Hall of Mirrors (Versailles, France)

    • Oh no! That would be such a bummer because this was one of the things I was looking forward to the most.

      We ran into our fair share of construction – exterior of Notre Dame, interior of Sainte Chapelle – but fortunately I was able to photograph around it. However, in Hall of MIRRORS it’d be hard to capture the spirit without seeing the actual mirrors. Hopefully the photo does it some justice for you

    • Thanks and yes a blessing for sure. I don’t know why I never thought of it before watching a Scott Kelby video on travel photography and how to take decent pictures in popular locations. The Palace was an amazing place – we didn’t have a chance to visit when we were in Paris five years ago so it was high on my list this time through. It didn’t disappoint.

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