An afternoon in Dusseldorf (Dusseldorf, Germany)

In 2013, my wife and I took a trip through Italy stopping at a five cities over a two week period. We flew into Venice and then open-jawed it out of Rome with a connection through Dusseldorf, Germany both ways. When you are flying on miles your options for direct flights are really limited (especially if you are being frugal with your miles like we try to be and fly during “supersaver” periods where it is only 40,000 for roundtrip to anywhere in Europe). On the flight to Venice our layover was pretty short – about two hours – but on the way back it was an overnighter so we decided to get a hotel in downtown Dusseldorf (rather than staying at the airport) and had the opportunity to enjoy the old city center.

We walked through the center and ate at the most traditional German restaurant in town (the name escapes me) and the waitstaff did not speak any English which made the ordering challenging (since the menus were also all in German). We aren’t complaining – it was Germany of course – but just stating a fact that we weren’t in the more touristy Munich or Berlin areas where they seem to cater more to non-German speaking populations. We enjoyed walking around and spent some time walking on the riverwalk. My wife took this picture of the sheep hanging out in the grass on the opposite side – this isn’t something you see all the time (ever?) in large US cities – Dusseldorf I think is the third largest city in Germany and one of their industrial hubs (hence why American Airlines flies alot of international flights through there) so we found it quite unique to just see a bunch of sheep enjoying the weather just like we were.

An Afternoon in Dusseldorf (Dusseldorf, Germany)

An Afternoon in Dusseldorf (Dusseldorf, Germany)


6 thoughts on “An afternoon in Dusseldorf (Dusseldorf, Germany)

  1. Love the traditional German buildings. I’ve been to Dusseldorf but haven’t seen this side of the city, and we definitely didn’t come across the local sheep:) Very cool that they have sheep downtown.

    • It was so random to come across and it was the more ‘traditional’ part of town away from the industrial/airport district that we were staying in (I think we had to take the bus about an hour to get down here from our hotel).

  2. Nice! I saw this sheep business going on in several parks in Turin, Italy, where I spent time studying at uni. The idea was to use an environmentally friendly way to cut the grass (and, by the way, to save money for the council, as the purse is extremely tight these days). It makes for a nice change of scenery, doesn’t it?

    • Thanks for the information on that. It makes a ton of sense and is eco-friendly too. I just couldn’t imagine them doing something like that in a city like Chicago so it was just shocking to me but a nice change of scenery for sure.

      There were some rumors a few years back that the city of Chicago released some coyotes to control the rat population that was spiraling out of control but then some pets got attacked by the coyotes and the city wouldn’t fess up to releasing them. Most likely they did though since we don’t get a lot of coyotes in the city!

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