Sunrise over Lake McDonald (Glacier National Park)

The largest and deep lake in Glacier National Park – Lake McDonald – stretches nearly ten miles and is one of the most accessible lakes in the park. I was lucky enough to visit Glacier National Park in 2013 on my way to a work trip up in Calgary. This was my last day in the park and I visited this lake on my way out to the airport. For most of the morning it didn’t look like there was going to be much of a sunrise but then all of a sudden the clouds lit up in a wide array of purple and pink colors. The colors were very brief – maybe two minutes before it went back to being solid grey – so I was fortunate to get a few shots in before I headed out. Going through some of these pictures over the weekend makes me really miss Montana – hopefully we will be able to take a trip out there soon.

Sunrise over Lake McDonald (Glacier National Park)

Sunrise over Lake McDonald (Glacier National Park)


7 thoughts on “Sunrise over Lake McDonald (Glacier National Park)

  1. What an amazing photo from Lake McDonald, beautiful colours and such clarity. Love it! Job well done:)

    • I was very fortunate and it all just worked out with the light show actually coming through briefly for me. It doesn’t always happen but I’m happy that I was patient and waited it out trying to line up a good foreground just in case.

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