Sunset on the Cathedral Crags (Yoho National Park)

In June 2014, I was in Yoho National Park (just outside of Banff) taking in some new viewpoints for sunset. This was a location I read about online before my trip called the Meeting of the Rivers and is a location in Yoho where two primary rivers (the Yoho River and Kicking Horse River) meet and then start to flow together. Scouting told me this was a nice sunset point and as I stood waiting for the colors to come in I was disappointed because there didn’t seem to be too much happening. I thought maybe I got unlucky with the time of year as maybe the sun was positioned behind another peak someplace and thus the Cathedral Crags (steep cliff faces of the Cathedral Mountains) weren’t going to catch any sun. I started to focus on some longer exposure shots of the water in an attempt to salvage the evening. However, a few minutes later – really out of nowhere – the peaks lit up as the sun popped out from wherever it was hiding.

Sunset on the Cathedral Crags (Yoho National Park)

Sunset on the Cathedral Crags (Yoho National Park)

By that point the foreground was pretty dark which was fine because it allowed me to get some good shots of the river running while still getting the nice color of the peaks. I blended a couple of shots together – a ‘regular’ exposure for the foreground and a darker exposure for mountain in order to bring out the direct sunlight setting on the Cathedral Crags. It was a nice ‘blue hour’ moment.


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